The Venice Group creates unforgettable, unprecedented experiences.

Our success is measured by our laser focus on three areas. We earn your trust. We exceed your expectations. We make your engagement with us easy. The traditional landscape of marketing, media, entertainment and advertising has reached a point of saturation. At the same time, there are those who challenge that status quo, those that innovate, evolve.

The buzzwords are experiential, digital, online, cinema, interactive, mobile, guerilla, microsites, mobi-coupons, bluetooth…on and on.  These words represent ideas that are part of a revolution. A revolution of purpose that has exploded as advertisers and marketers look to alternatives – to engage consumers rather than merely broadcast to them. 

The Venice Group consistently challenges the status quo.

What does that mean for you?  Bottom line, you want to work with someone who can decipher the technology, make it understandable and implement it for you. Ultimately we solve the puzzle of new media for you – how to find technologies that are cutting edge while working within the confines of your defined budget.  We take what is possible and extend it; we take that extension and direct it beyond your expectations. We can manage every detail for you from the earliest phases of the project through completion; or we can segment our efforts in support of your overall execution. 

Let the Venice Group create new opportunities for you!

Feel free to drop us a line at info@thevenicegroup.com


Creative Concepting Production Management Production
- Needs Analysis - Implementation - Multi-Media Design Lab
- Design - Installation - Visual Effects
- Integration - Logistics - 3D Modeling
- Sourcing - Holography
- Virtual Reality
- Geometric, Surface Mapping
- Motion Graphics
- Production
- Programming





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